CUISINE (Continental)

our short term course is designed to provide it’s participants an introduction to all the essentials of cuisine and is meant for novice and enthusiastic cooks alike. This course costs Rs:-8000 and is scheduled for 10 days five days a week for 2 hours each day. Sessions include hands on training with printed recipes .the curriculum includes original, preservative free recipes which are taught with easy to learn techniques and ingredients that are locally available.

Course duration————-10 days.
Hours ————————–3 to 4 .


• Cream of tomato soup
• Cream of mushroom soup
• Cream of chicken soup

Starter/Main course

• Penne with nepolitana sauce
• Lasagna
• Ravioli with arrabiata sauce
• Spaghetti with Bolognese sauce
• Mushroom risotto
• Grilled chicken with Italian salsa
• Fried chicken
• Fish and chips
• Chicken parmigiana
• Chicken casserole
• Maxican chicken
• Baked vegetable/chicken
• Chicken /paneer shaslik
• Chicken /veg sizzler
• Chicken calzone
• Sausage pasta
• Korean chicken
• Chicken teriyaki
• Italian pasta salad
• Caesar salad
• Chicken and pepper salad
• Greek salad
• Maxican salad
• Russian salad


 Basic cutting skills.
 Introduction basic continental /Italian sauce.
 Basic Indian sauce or chutney.
 Basic cooking Techniques.
 Basic marinades.
 Printed recipes.

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