(Curricular and Extra-Curricular)
Career Counselling
WWIHM has a Counselling Cell where students are provided one-to-one career, professional and personal counselling. The Counselor also provides guidance and motivation for their future prospects and opportunities. The Counselling team also conducts free Seminars in schools and colleges.

Training and Placement
Our robust instructional design is complimented by an established learning and career development for each individual across all degree programs are designed to delver the requisite industry skill that would equip the students with the most contemporary practices and function within various industry verticles. This hands on approach offers the practical exposure required by the industry.This institutes places special emphasis on imparting purposeful orientation to its students so that they can make substantive contribution in any organisation.

Special Focus on Communication Skills and Personality Development Personality development programs are conducted to enable the students ti dilute their weakness and strengthen their hidden talents through group discussion extempore and debates. Students develop their communication skill well reasoned conclusion and present their qualities an appropriate manner.this attempt is made to develop their communication skill and social skill also which are an integral part of the fast changing world.

Seminars and Presentations
Seminars and presentation are held regularly in small groups to discuss various aspect of aspect of a subject in a depth. Special stress is laid on spoken English classes to bridge the gap between. The local languages and the requirement of the corporate world.

?The health and wellness of our students is one of the utmost priorities in the bouquet of their overall development. We have a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for the students to help them beat their day to day stress.

Events and Activities
Cuisine or food club at WWIHM is formed by the students wishing to pursue a career in food production.The club meets to dissus the innovations and trends in kitchen operations case studies of successful chef are discuss to course students. Food festivals based upon specified theme are organized on a regular base to encourage creativity in food preparation and garnishing. Students create there own unique dishes or borrow from favourite cuisine around the world. Eminet industry chef are invited to campus to judge the compitions and give there valuable feed back.Roti-de -cuisine is a plateform for the chef of tomorrow.

Students with an interest in fine foods and the finest wine of the world and their combinations are a part of legourmet the f&b club at WWIHM workshops are organized by liquor giants such as Smirnoff, Seagram’s and other companies to impart specific skills reqired for food service & bar tending. Monthly events are organized in which the décor of the restaurant in charged based upon the theme and cocktail and these students also form the elite service group and are called upon by renowned caterer and hotelier for v.i.p service at their function.

The place to be for those students with the inartistic bent of mind and a flare of decoration .Organizing beautification le garden maison the house keeping club at WWIHM.The club organize plethora of activity like debates,discussion,and film viewing about concept and current in house keeping.comptition held in house and students get the opportunity to show case their talents in transforming the ambience of given area.Training in rangoli making ,flower arrangement and glass painting imparted to enhance and develop their aesthetic senses.

Those who have a flare for interacting with people form different walls of life are apart of qui accuiller,the front office club at WWIHM. the club further enhance communication and people skills which benefit one member in the long run, hotel visitor are organized and students get an opportunity to interact with hotelier and to gain from their experiences. slide show, discussions and film viewing about the vital role played by individuals in insuring guest satisfaction and repeat clientele or hotels. Qualities such as confidence ,leadership and situation handling are interdused into the student character by a variety of methodologies such as role play, skill and presentation.

CULTURAL EVENTS :Keeping in mind the holistic development of the student,WWIHM organizes many cultural event and competition through out the academic session. A fresher party, farewell party and annual day and other occasions like Diwali,lohri,x-max and new year extra celeberation are organized with great zeal and enthusiasm.

WWIHM provide a platform to its student of actively participate in chef competition organize in house as well as outside from time to time to show case their culinary skill.

Through educational and excursion trips the students get an opportunity to explore the tourism industry and their by get exposure to the hospitality world.

Besides providing the facilities of audio visual aids WWIHM provide additional in the from of declamation, presentation debates enhance the personality. communication skill and confidence level of the student which go long way in making him a suitable skilled professionals.

WWIHM also provide a facility of O.D.C. to the student by which they get an exposure of working in the actual hospitality environment. Besides getting a hands on experience of working in hotel and renowned parties. They also get the satisfaction of earning for themselves. this work experience also carries weight age in their future essential assignment requirement of current emerging trends.