With an eye on market trends, Westwood has differentiated and introduced catering, decoration at competitive prices, positioned ourselves clearly in the sector of luxury wedding and hospitality. We have introduced catering, café. This differentiation has helped us make targeted investments in our facilities. Regular and innovative upgrades combined with superior hospitality and dining options give us the edge in a highly competitive environment.

Above all, we invest in our people, because we know that our human capital is our greatest asset. By training and developing our team members, by offering them opportunities to grow, but also by supporting them in their personal lives, we nurture a bond that goes beyond the employer-employee relationship. That in turn is closely linked to our rate of repeat clients, as guests look forward to coming back ‘home’ to their preferred wedding destination, where they know our people, and our people know them.

At all times, we remember that our Resort do not operate in a vacuum. The guest is the integral part of services and the environment, and we are well aware of our responsibility towards the clients. We respect our guests and their needs and work towards giving more than expected.